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 ::   Language
English (UK/IR/MA/US/CA/AUS) » holiday courses, language courses, language cruises
French (F) » holiday courses, general language courses
Spanish (E) » lanuage courses, language cruises

 ::   Age group
Juniors » minimum age from 11 years, depending on the course centre
Parents & child » minimum age: 8 years
Club 18/25 » age group: 18 to 26
Adults » minimum age: 18 years
Seniors » minimum age: 50 years

 ::   Course type
Junior Language Holiday  
Adult Language Holiday for adults and seniors
Language Holiday with Intensive Lessons  
Language Holiday for Young Adults 18 to 26 years of age
General Language Course for Adults group tuition
Small Group Course » max. 4 students per class
Business- and Professional- Courses  
One-to-One Tuition » 1 students, 1 teacher

 ::   Other
Exam preparation: TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate, DELF, TEF, TCF
Full school year in England: at Bosworth College, one year or one term
Special language courses for teachers (English, French)
groups or school groups - at special rates and individual dates
Cruises & language cruises - Quail Cruises, CVC and Voyages of Discovery
Insurance - cancellation fee waiver and travel insurance
agency / travel agents - become a Europro Language agent
Apply for a job as a group leader

Please note that the main brochure is only available in English, German, and Danish. The price list and additional information is available in more languages.

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